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Citizenship for Democracy School Cart B

Mid-century school charts on retractable wooden rollers that pictorially describe various functions of the U.S. Government. Published by A.J. Nystrom & Co. in the 1950s during the onset of the cold war and the surge of anti-Communist sentiment in this country. Typical of the time, all the figures in these charts are white. In this Presidential election year of 2012, it is fascinating to behold these mid-20th century educational charts entitled: Growth of our National Debt, How the Social Security Administration Works, Immigration and Naturalization, Taxation: United States Income and Expenses, among others.

  • Covers Two Topics: How the Social Security System Works" & Immigration and Naturalization
  • Paper, Mylar Coating
  • Retractable Wooden Rollers
  • 82" H X 54" W
  • 208.3cm H X 137.2cm W
  • Price Includes Shipping