SS13 Overhang Shorts Floral Print

Battenwear is a new surf and outdoor collection developed by New York based designer Shinya Hasegawa. The heritage surf and outdoor inspired label consists of well proportioned nylon belted shorts, classic Aloha shirts and water resistant trail parkas. Manufactured in New York's garment district, the collection is well built and fit for fans of Engineered Garments.

Today at 5AM, you drove to the beach, searching for overhead waves. After lunch, you went indoor climbing. At night, you went to a friend's house for a barbeque. These shorts are so comfortable, so stylish and versatile, that you never had to change your clothes. The front zipper pocket is designed so that you won't lose your wallet or keys. The inseam has an extra panel for greater leg flexibility, up to a 180 degree spread. The curve of the back pocket fits the line of your bum for walking, sitting, or even dancing.

  • 100% Cotton
  • American Made
  • Nylon Belt
  • The measurements shown on this chart are the modal of each size for this style. Some slight variation may occur. Please call or email us if you have additional sizing questions.