SS12 Buckley Belt Navy Multi

Folk is a casual menswear brand born in 2001 in London. Folk is all about making clean, honest understated garments with a meticulous eye for color, fabric selection, and design detail-- simple everday clothing with subtle, innovative, and sometimes playful detailing.

Folk designer Cathal McAteer came all the way from Lamb's Conduit Street in London to share his idiosyncratic designs with the Context crew over pints. Needless to say, you can add us to Folks rapidly growing fan base. Folk operates under the notion that it works best when we can all have some honest fun along the way. Tiny bits of detail appear in unexpected places throughout the Folk collection.

  • 45% Leather, 44% Cotton, 8% Viscose, 3% Rubber
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Size 2: 30
  • Size 3: 32
  • Size 4: 34