Kickapoo Coffee

32oz Coldbrew Iced Coffee Concentrate

We are Coldbrew junkies. Coldbrew coffee is steeped for an extended period of time at room temperature, leeching a slightly sweeter less acidic flavor from the grounds. Our friends at Bradbury's in Madison, WI make our Coldbrew using fair trade organic Bolivian David Chambi from Kickapoo Coffee. Bradbury's is our goto for craft coffee and espresso. Kickapoo Coffee Roasters is an owner-member of Cooperative Coffees a fair trade importing business owned by 23 like-minded roasters who are actively engaged in supporting our own importing cooperative. Situated in Viroqua, WI, Kickapoo Coffee has quickly established themselves as a top tier roaster.

From Kickapoo Coffee

Our storing and roasting operations were specially designed to preserve and enhance the natural flavor potential of each roast. We have built a custom room for storing all of our coffee beans in the optimum conditions to maximize full flavor and extend the life of our coffees.

We are consistently recognized by coffee industry periodicals like Coffee Review and Roast Magazine as being among the best in the country.

  • Available in the Context Shop only
  • Kickapoo Coffee fair trade organic Bolivian David Chambi
  • Coldbrew created by Bradbury Coffee & Crepes Madison, WI
  • Coldbrew is less acidic than typical coffee.
  • MIx equal parts Coldbrew Concentrate and filtered water (3oz to 3oz is suggested)
  • Concentrate lasts 3-4 months refrigerated.