1947 501

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The 1947 501 jean is regarded as the definitive five-pocket jean and the quintessential 501 model. Levis jeans had been in short supply during the years of WWII, when several key features were removed to save vital metal and fabric. By 1947, the newly restored 501 jean was in huge demand. The stitched arcuate returned to the two back pockets: stitched with a double-needle machine, it now formed a diamond shape at the point where the two lines meet. Original Levis zinc buttons also enjoyed a comeback. But the crotch rivet, cinch-back, and suspender buttons had been put out to pasture-- permanently. Instead, belt loops and concealed copper rivets became standard. Made with Red XX Selvage using Cone Mills' deep tone indigo, the color pops with age in the purest red cast indigo. The 1947 501 jean continued the tradition of the Two Horse leather patch and a big "E" on the single-stitch red tab.

  • Made in the USA
  • Red Selvage Cone Mills Denim USA
  • "E" red tab
  • Two Horse Leather Patch
  • Zinc Buttons
  • Double-stitiched Arcuate
  • Unsanforized