FW12 Superior Cap Natural

Marweather is a celebration of seasons, work ethic, stubborn elegance, slow growth, and the traditional handshake agreement. We draw on our forefathers - one a Greek seaman, another a master woodworker - for inspiration, and approach life and work with frequent nostalgia for times considered gone but with an overarching optimism for the future and we try to imbue this ethos into our work. With a true commitment to craft and thoughtful design, each piece from our collection is individually made by hand with exceptional fabrics, leathers, and hardware. Right down to the last manually riveted eyelet or die-cut leather strap, each component is made by us or one of our skilled associates - weavers, tanners, cordwainers, milliners, riveters and serigraphiers. An extraordinary effort went into the realization of our small collection and we think the result is worth it. And so for every handcrafted piece that we send out into the world we appeal that its caretaker enjoy sunshine and summer but to be mindful of the passing of time and when it rains don't stop - look forward and set out into Marweather. For all time.

  • Fabric - 8.5 oz waxed cotton dyed and finished in New Jersey.
  • Closure - Special Essex Natural vegetable tanned cowhide from the Horween Leather Company of Chicago, cut and embossed in Massachusetts.
  • Brim - Rugged polycore foam manufactured in Germany.
  • Hardware - 100% solid brass hardware die-formed in New Jersey.
  • Sweatband and seams - 8 oz organic cotton twill.
  • Thread - Heavy-duty Gatermann machining thread.
  • Label - Screen printed on natural canvas; hand cut, numbered, and rubber coated