Otter Wax

Saddle Soap

All Otter Wax products are hand made in Portland, Oregon using all natural ingredients. The entire Otter Wax product line was developed from asking a simple question: Why would you treat your fabrics or leather with anything that you wouldn't trust using on your own skin? Waterproofing your jacket doesn't need to involve being in a well-ventilated area, and polishing your shoes shouldn't involve inhaling gasoline-like fumes. The entire Otter Wax product line is made using simple, all-natural ingredients that are non-toxic, silicone-free, and not derived from petroleum.

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  • Made in Portland
  • Saddle Soap Leather Cleanser : Beeswax and Castile Soap Gentle Leather Cleanser with Lemongrass Oil
  • All-Natural, Environmentally Friendly, & Safe Ingredients -Handmade in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Gently Cleans, Restores Moisture, and Revives Leather
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Non-Toxic, No Silicone, No Petroleum
  • Great for use on Leather Shoes, Hats, Bags, Furniture, Auto Interiors, & Much More!