FW12 Mock Neck Pullover Handknit Rib Aran Cream

Founded in 1993, RRL is driven by quality and authenticity. The company pays obsessive attention to time-honored details and construction techniques, as well as unwavering dedication to the heritage and craftsmanship of vintage American denim. Utilizing only the finest materials available, RRL denim is made in the USA using extremely rare manufacturing techniques and construction details.

Named for the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland where they originated, these sweaters were first worn by local fisherman as protection from the bitter cold and wet conditions of open-boat fishing on the Atlantic Ocean. There are many legends based on Irish lore surrounding the origin of the sweater's cable-knit pattern. The twisted cable design is said to be inspired by the ropes and nets of the fishing trade, while the diamond design - a symbol of the fisherman's basket - is thought to bring wealth. RRL Aran sweaters are hand-knit using traditional techniques and pay tribute to the iconic originals.

  • • 100% Wool
  • • Hand Knit
  • • Mock Neck Collar
  • • Nature Cream Color
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