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Alden + Context Tanker Boot

Alden + Context Tanker Boot 100% bench made in the USA to Alden of New England Standards. The Mock and Norwegian skin stitch is done by hand using only 2 needles and 2 threads. This is an extremely time consuming process. Alden's expert sewers can complete the Skin Stitching on no more than 6 pair of shoes per day (Alden is the only American shoemaker doing skin stitching by hand). The stitch penetrates only the outer skin of the upper so that your foot does not feel the detail inside the boot. It gives the appearance that the toe box is multiple pieces of leather stitched together, when in fact it is one piece. This makes the boot more durable and weatherproof. The Alden + Context Tanker Boot has a 360 degree Reverse Goodyear Welt which adds durability and water resistance. It is securely stitched through the upper to the insole rib. Alden's commando sole, which is a low profile lug sole that provides traction without a clunky look. There is a Triple-Ridged Steel Shank in the out-sole that runs from just in front of the heel to where the ball of the foot sits. This provides support, stability and control. A layer of shredded cork mixed with adhesive is smeared between the out-sole and insole. This provides breath ability and allows the insole to take the form of your foot with wear creating a customized fit. Alden's Flat Waxed Leather laces. The Alden + Context Tanker Boot pull tabs provide practicality. The Alden + Context Tanker Boot total construction time from cutting room to finishing room is a minimum of 78 days, including at least 10 days on the last, which causes the boots to keep their shape much longer than most shoe brands. The leather insole is made of flexible pure vegetable tan leather-- unsurpassed for breathable comfort and long wear. Over time, the insole assumes the contours of your foot shape giving a truly custom quality to the fit. The Alden + Context Tanker Boot should be cleaned after use in rain and snow using a damp cloth and stored with cedar shoe trees. If soaked they should be allowed to dry at room temperature with cedar shoe trees inserted.