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Gitman Brother's Vintage for Context

Looking back to its past, Gitman Brothers Vintage is an American heritage shirt / tie collection that uses fabrics culled from late 1970s and early 1980s line-books (as well as current fabrications) and includes authentic details such as double-track stitching, chalk buttons and locker-loops.  The collection is reissued with the original "Gitman Bros. Est 1978" label.  Debuting its second season, the Gitman Brothers Vintage AW09 collection pays homage to AW 1980. We worked with Chris Olberding to selectively appropriate fabrics for this collection. Some of our favorites: multi-toned flannels, one-of-a-kind university stripe oxfords, herringbone twills, heavy flannels and baby cords. Gitman Brothers Vintage is a multi-colored thread facility, using over 60 different colors of thread to be fashion correct on all non-white or dark based colors.  Every time a new bundle passes through an operator’s hand, the spool of sewing thread must be checked for color and this act must be consistent throughout the factory with every operator.  Each machine is cleaned every night as many problems are driven by “contamination” caused by floating threads that are “in the air” from daily manufacturing.  Gitman Brothers Vintage prep purple baby cord. Gitman Brothers Vintage mid hue blue baby cord.