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LEATHER HEAD + HORWEEN + CONTEXT Melzers Boxing Club Chromexcel Medicine Ball

LEATHER HEAD and Nick Horween of Horween Leather teamed up with Context Co-Owner Ryan Huber to produce the Melzer's Boxing Club Chromexcel Medicine Ball.

The 12lb 1950s throwback medicine ball is styled after the leather ball used by Huber's grandfather, Melzer Rhey, for over 50 years as a Golden Gloves Boxing coach.

"When I was five, Grandpa Melzer taught me the importance of a firm handshake. Next he taught me how to form a proper fist, then to throw a straight left jab, and soon I was hooked on the sweet science." -Huber

"Back in the 1950's, one of his co-trainers skipped town with his most prized possession - his medicine ball. Melzer swore he would "poleaxe" the guy if he ever caught him. This Medicine Ball is dedicated to Melzer, and is intended for those who live their lives with the dedication and passion of a champion." - Huber

Each ball is cut, sewn, laced, and stuffed by Paul Cunningham of LEATHER HEAD. Medicine balls have been used in the conditioning drills of novice boxers and champion pugilists for decades.
Unlike contemporary synthetic equipment, Melzer's ball is stuffed with approximately 40sq ft of dense leather scraps and boasts a durable Horween Chromexcel leather shell.

Each custom Context carrying sack is cut from heavy duty waxed canvas and can be used to facilitate a broad range of core strengthening exercises.