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Kenton Sorenson + Context Custom Cut Belts

Kenton Sorenson Belts are hand tooled to order at the Context shop. Getting the proper fit is simple. All you need is your current belt and a measuring tape. The Context shopkeepers take care of the rest.

Use one of your belts to determine your Kenton Sorenson Belt size

Lay your belt down on a flat surface.

Start your measurement where the tip of the prong meets the buckle.

Run the measuring tape down the length of the belt to the hole you typically use. This picture illustrates a measurement of 35 inches from the tip of the prong to the most commonly used hole. Once you have this measurement, send it to us via email:

Using your measurement, we determine where to punch your hole.

We start our measurement at the tip of the prong.

This picture demonstrates a measurement of 35 inches from the tip of the prong to where the hole will be punched.

Using a leather hammer and punch, we punch your hole.

Many of our customers prefer a single hole, however we offer you the option the having a traditional five hole belt as well.

Next we measure six inches from the hole to determine the end of the belt.

Your belt's end is carefully tooled by hand.

After cutting the end, we work the edge by hand to create a smooth surface.

Your belt is sized, tooled, and ready to wear.

Kenton Sorenson Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather gains an amazing patina with regular wear.