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Welcome to Context, how may we serve you?

Thank you all for choosing Context this holiday season. We look forward to serving you into the New Year. Our gift wrapping service is over but will resume for the 2012 holiday.

Context partner Ben Parker is part of the "hands" team. Ben's passion for origami is evident in each neatly wrapped package.

"Prince" William is the fastest man in the shipping room. Like Aaron Rodgers in a two minute drill, Prince swiftly transfers last minute orders into the hands of reliable UPS and USPS delivery person's hands.

Here at the shop we receive everything from simple sizing questions to the downright bizarre. Context partner Sam Parker is eager to assist. Give us a call.

The Context shipping and receiving department is buzzing with activity. Sam, Ryan, Ben, William, and Joey are available via phone or email every day of the week. Your special request is just a phone call away. We are ready to accommodate you.

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Recaptured: Breathless

Jean-Luc Godard's 1960 feature film, Breathless, is widely regarded as one of the most important products of French New Wave Cinema. Working as a critic, Godard heavily criticized the French film industry's "Tradition of Quality," which favored dense scripts, famous actors, immense sets, clean editing, and artificial lighting. Godard felt this tradition stifled new, progressive directors and bored audiences.

This frustration inspired him to film Breathless. He used a hand-held camera, employed no artificial lighting, cast unknown actors, and built no sets. All scenes were filmed on location with no professional extras.

For this project we approached our photography in a way that mirrors Godard's approach to filmmaking. Although the work is now over 50 years old, the raw emotion of the film remains, Recaptured.

On Jackie:

A.P.C. Apparel Art is for Mobsters Tee

Haversack Yarn Dyed Marine Crew Neck

On Kenny:

A.P.C. Apparel Harris Tweed Sport Coat

Woolrich Woolen Mills Hoover Pant

Woolrich Woolen Mills Woody BD Shirt

We would like to thank Kenny and Jackie for their amazing collaborative effort. Check out their band, Pioneer, at the Dragonfly Lounge on December 17.

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Formal Friday: December 02, 2011

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Drink of the Week

The Great Dane Pub

The Great Dane is definitely a favorite among our staff. Context oweners, Sam and Ryan, met while tending bar and managing the downtown Great Dane. "The Dane" is Madison's largest brew pub and offers over 18 beers including rotating seasonals year round. Our favorites are the Czech-style Peck's Pilsner and the crisp, hoppy Old Glory American Pale Ale.

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Formal Friday: November 18, 2011

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