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Kapital Cisco Jean

New to our denim lineup is the Kapital Cisco Jean. Context employee, Joey has been wearing his pair every day for approximately 7 months. Below are select images comparing his worn-in jeans to a brand-new pair. Click the pictures below for larger images!

Just to be clear, this is not a single pair of's an image of a new pair and a used pair spliced together to demonstrate the fade properties of the denim.


RRL: Slim Rigid & Low Straight

RRL is one of the most popular, American-made denim we have ever carried. The once-washed Low Straight is a perfect fit for almost all body types and the Slim Fit produces wonderful fades across the board. RRL denim is available in sizes 28-36 and is available via email and phone order. Please click the following images for larger pictures.

Low Straight:

Slim Rigid:


A.P.C. New Standard

The A.P.C. New Standard has long been an extremely popular choice for all types of denim enthusiasts. Below is an example of a one-year-old pair compared to a new pair in the shop. Click the images below for larger images


Kicking Mule Workshop 1980 Indigo Dry Selvage

These KMW 1980 Indigo Dry Selvage jeans were worn daily for two years before receiving their first wash. Ryan's Kicking Mule Workshop 1980's were hand washed in cold and hung to dry. Ryan wore these for two days after the wash before presenting them here. The deep indigo blues and high note fades are products of Kicking Mule Workshop's quality cotton and natural indigo dyeing techniques.


Context model and shop operator, Joey Tucci just washed his Momotaro + Context Grand Indigo Selvage 0701MCXX. He wore these babies for 9 month before giving them their first wash. Look at that great fade.

When Joey isn't taking phone orders for Engineered Garments or answering questions about how much APC's stretch, he enjoys playing his recorder and commiserating with strangers at the petting zoo. Joey knows a lot about youtube. Enjoy one of his favorites.

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