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These Jean Shop Rockers belong to Context proprietor Benjamin Parker. These have three years of wear an have not had a single wash.


APC New Standard This is one of the better pairs of APC I've seen. This guy obviously held off on the first wash and wore them daily. The honeycombs are legendary.


Nudie Slim Jim Dry Black Coated Some people say black denim will not fade. We see faded black denim daily around the shop. This pair is one of the more beautiful examples. Benjamin really committed to this pair.


Nudie Regular R'alf' Dry Selvage These were sent to us for repair. I would guess they've been worn for about a couple years and have had a wash or two. He carried some type of metal object in his back left pocket.


Kicking Mule Workshop Context Exclusive Black Selvage 1980
Elliot has really put these to the test (these have been worn hard for 1.5 years no wash). I'd have to say they are the best looking pair of our KMW exclusive. I can't wait to see them after another year. Check out the repair seam running up the inside right leg. He got them caught in his bicycle gear.

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