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Left Field Designer Christian McCann's Left Field Indigo High Slub Selvage
Christian wore these regularly for 9 months and washed them three times. You can see the dynamic color range in denim dyed with natural indigo. These are the best jeans I've seen for this price period. Left Field Indigo High Slub Selvage available in limited numbers


William's Going to Battle 0705SP
Prince William is our first employee. His favorite tasks include steaming Gitman Shirts (they come in the coolest boxes), answering emails about sizing APC Jeans, and going on taco runs. Little known fact about Sir William: His first time in the ocean, he shredded a tsunami. Radical.


Isla Jane Parker's Earnest Sewn Kid's Jeans
"Isla Parker is the daughter of Context Owner Sam Parker. Isla is one enthusiastic and brilliant little wonder. I believe these are some the best looking jeans in the shop. The knees have been repaired by Isla's mother Betsy and destroyed again. Send Sammy an email if you want to see her lil' Samurai jeans "
posted by Uncle Hubie


Michael's APC New Standard
These APC New Standards belong to Sir Michael. Michael is one of our models, and his jeans are living proof that even our models are rugged. Keep your eye on our editorial page for pictures of Michael wearing his APCs and Going To Battle Momotaro.


Bradbury Coffee has been the official coffee house of Context since they opened in 2008. Owners Josh and Jill Makoutz are as passionate about coffee and espresso as Sam and I are about fit and fabric. We asked Josh, Jill, Megan and Jon to let us shoot their jeans.

Jon Nodler

These APC jeans belong to barista Jon Nodler. Jon has done an exceptional job of coating his jeans with espresso crema. Jon is also responsible for Context Beer. Jon washed these and brought them to the shoot. The coffee oils stained the fabric.

Jill Makoutz

We donated these Nudie Tight Long Johns to the cause. Running a business and mothering little Ruby can certainly take a lot out of your jeans. These have yet to be washed. Nice work Jill.

Josh Makoutz

These APC Rescues have yet to see the washer. These are highly caffinated pants. Josh is a true master of the Synesso machine.

Megan Freund

Megan's Dry Nudie Thin Finns have been worn daily for 7 months and have had a wash. Megan's jeans have an amazing amount of fade for just 7 months of wear. Sick honeycombs.

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