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Momotaro Momotaro + Context 0701 113XX USED PICS
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Momotaro + Context 0701 113XX USED PICS
These are pictures of the Momotro + Context 113XX exclusive collaboration jean. This pair was worn every day for approximately 7 months after an initial cold soak, which resulted in shrink of slightly less than an inch at the waist and almost two inches in length. During that 7 month span they were washed twice in warm water and hung to dry.

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  • Demonstration pictures only. Not for sale.
  • Advance Sample - does not have Horween Shell Cordovan Patch
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  • Context Expert Tip: The 113XX can be worn raw or after a soak. Whichever you choose they should be worn as often as possible for as long as possible before any additional washing. The rope dyed selvage denim of the 113XX fades best with consistent, hard wear.
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