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Tender Co FW12 6oz Coffee Beaker
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Tender Co

FW12 6oz Coffee Beaker

Founded in 2009 by William Kroll, Tender has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age. Tender takes pride in its research, design, manufacture, and wear.

Tender's coffee beaker is hand thrown in England from natural red clay dug in England. It is slipped with natural white English clay, and left unslipped and unglazed on the base, to reveal the original character of the mud. Throwing pots by hand involves drawing the desired form up from a single solid spinning lump of clay. Tender's Master Potter works the clay directly with his bare hands, so each piece is unique and bears the marks of his fingers and thumbs. Rather than casting the handle from slip (watered down wet clay), which would enable uniform and quick mass-production, it is traditionally hung.

Craft coffee drinks, such as the cortado or flat white, fit perfectly into our 6oz coffee beaker. The 10oz coffee beaker is well suited for a cup of coffee.

  • Hand thrown in England
  • Natural red clay from stoke, slipped with natural white clay from South Coast of England
  • Clear glaze shows inconsistencies and character of the natural clays
  • Unglazed flat red clay base
  • Tender Co. button embossed in base
  • Bandana not included

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