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RRL FW12 Hand Knit Fair Isle Vest
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FW12 Hand Knit Fair Isle Vest
Founded in 1993, RRL is driven by quality and authenticity. The company pays obsessive attention to time-honored details and construction techniques, as well as unwavering dedication to the heritage and craftsmanship of vintage American denim. Utilizing only the finest materials available, RRL denim is made in the USA using extremely rare manufacturing techniques and construction details.

Often mistaken for a pattern, Fair Isle is actually a knitting technique named for a tiny island in the Scottish Shetland chain where it was first practiced. By alternating fabric colors, patterned motifs are formed to create an iconic look that was originally made famous by the Prince of Wales in the 1930s before he ascended the throne of England as Edward VIII. RRL Fair Isle sweaters are faithful reproductions of vintage patterns, knit from the finest yarns to maintain the true character of the original product.
• 71% Wool, 29% Lambs Wool
• Bright Playful Color Way
• Classic Style
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Shoulder to Shoulder Pit to Pit Sleeve Length Length
Original Price: $207.00

At the request of the company, RRL is available for purchase at the Context Shop only.
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