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Tender Co FW13 Cockade Woad Turkey Hackle
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Tender Co

FW13 Cockade Woad Turkey Hackle

Founded in 2009 by William Kroll, Tender has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age. Tender takes pride in its research, design, manufacture, and wear.

William spends a great amount of time hand-selecting and sourcing natural fabrics and dyes. All Tender garments are produced in the UK using heritage-inspired construction techniques.

William hopes that all Tender owners "will live in their clothes, wearing them hard, but respecting their provenance and the stories they have to tell."

  • Made in England
  • Dip dyed woad
  • Traditionally made for British Army dress uniforms
  • Steel wire loop attaches to rubber cockage button on double breasted jacket
  • Context Expert Tip: Please refer to our measurements chart before ordering. We encourage you to email or call with questions about fit or fabric.
    Original Price: $30.00

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