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Leather Head FW13 Handsome Dan Football
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Leather Head

FW13 Handsome Dan Football
LEATHER HEAD footballs are bench made in America by Paul Cunningham. LEATHER HEAD footballs bear a closer resemblance to those of the 19th Century than to one from a modern factory. The beautiful oiled leather is cut by hand and punched on a manual die press. Each ball is branded, inverted, laced, and inflated by hand. The detailing and subtle leather aroma evoke the emotions associated with the great game of football.
  • 19 inches around the middle.
  • About the size of a "Youth" football
  • Leather shell
  • Butyl rubber bladder
  • Raw hide lace
  • Polyester thread
  • Context Expert Tip: Perfectly sized to accommodate the average hand, LEATHER HEAD footballs are stunning display pieces but can take a beating at the tailgate party. These babies form a tight mean spiral when airborne. Perfect for gift giving.
    Original Price: $130.00
    Sale Price: $111.00

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