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School of Denim
Where to: Repair Your Jeans

Monocle Magazine features Context for a unique product mix within a surprising location, Madison, WI. Monocle's headquarters is in London, with bureaux in Tokyo, Sydney, Zurich and New York.

Japan's Free & Easy features Context for its selection of rare and top quality Japanese Denim lines in the Dec. 2009 issue. Translation Jeans with Japanese design in Wisconsin! "CONTEXT" is in Madison, Wisconsin. They sell unique and authentic jeans since 2005, when they started the business there. Since then, many fashionable men have visited their store. 1000 square feet store sells Japanese brand-named items. Mr. Ryan, the owner says "We want to offer Japanese products as many as possible. We are often impressed by the high quality of Japanese brand, especially the designs and clothing fabric. Japanese denim is so popular among Mid-westerners, and we assume it's because they feel nostalgia for their designs that are influenced by American traditional clothes. It is honorable to find American tradition in Japanese products." We also find it honorable that "CONTEXT" sells F&E and checks the new products from Japan. They have denim and others which go with denim. Other than Japanese denim, most of their items are made in America. They started the online business in 2007 and provide products to the customers in 45 countries. They offer the repair service, and you can even get their original beer for free of charge. Their collection covers many distinct designs such as Engineered Garments, SOMET, and Momotaro Jeans. They are one of the few shops which provide a variety of Japanese denims.

GQ selects the Alden + Context Roy Boot as one of the best items for the year of 2009.

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