Ben Ferry

Ben Ferry is a painter of American Realism who holds as much love and respect for the subject matter, as he does the painting itself. Having his initial influences with art coming from the turn of the century American Illustrators, Ferry has always embraced the story telling side of the visual experience. His work examines the small towns and country sides of America’s past and present, where people’s traditions and livelihoods remain so intertwined with the process of their day to day lives. Having grown up within a strong tradition of hunting and fishing, the narrative and history of the American outdoors is something that has always resonated in his art. This series of pictures is a testament to the fishing traditions of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.

“Although I grew up in the District of Columbia, both of my parents hail from a small town in Missouri, so I have a great connection to the Midwest. When my old man moved out to the Dakotas, I came to know the state of Wisconsin through my travels, and it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. There is a love and respect for the process of living, of being from a place that humbles me whenever I come to visit.”

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